Every time I check facebook I see another funny Elf on the Shelf pic. It appears that the adults are having more fun with these elves then the kids and we didn’t want to be left out! So we adopted Roger. But he’s a bit of a rambunctious elf who’s been getting himself into a little bit of trouble. Thanks to the wonders of photography and photoshop, we’re having some fun ourselves. We will keep posting pics of our elf so keep checking back to see what new adventures Roger is having.

Drunk Elf on the Shelf

We thought the scotch was evaporating!

6 pack Elf on the Shelf

There was a “situation” down at
The Olde Pub last night!

Bass playing Elf on the Shelf

And I didn’t even realize Dave Matthews was in town!

Elf on the Shelf drinking beer

Busted by the Nutcracker Police!